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Current Project

Dishonour to Glory
The Spiritual Evolution of Mankind

Mankind is truly evolving but not as the popular theory of evolution suggests. From Dishonour to Glory challenges the physical evolution theory and aligns itself with God’s original plan for His greatest creation – the humankind formed in His image and likeness. Mankind’s progression from physical to life-giving spirit was halted and creation became stagnant. It could not progress without divine intervention – Jesus.

From the beginning of time, the earth has existed in one form or another. It has never truly been destroyed but overhauled and restored several times. Shrouded in darkness in the spiritual realm, it laid dormant in a state of disrepair for an indeterminate age. God brought it into view, remodelled it and gave it to mankind, to have dominion over it, to live, love and multiply. But mankind fell and devolved from our first state of glory into a state of dishonour, where we remained entombed unable to free ourselves

until the advent of the prophesied Saviour.


Just as the fate of mankind once hung in the balance with the first Adam, it hung in the balance again with the last Adam, Jesus! Through disobedience, innocence and glory were lost in the Garden of Eden, but obedience resurrected the eternal glory in the Gardens of Gethsemane and Golgotha.

The journey of redemption was brutal, and the nine days of spiritual and physical torture suffered by Christ as He waged war on sin, could only have one ending, victory – resurrection power. Now mankind awakened from this age of dishonour not just to regain what was lost from the fall, but to gain much more; the fullness of our birthright!


This, the penultimate state of mankind, transitioning through spiritual rebirth - our legacy from Christ - is preparing God’s creation to become what we were ordained to be from the beginning...

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