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Who is Jesus

Who is Jesus? In the previous blog, we learned that Jesus is God the Son. Being the only Son of God, He inherits the title God – remember, God is a title and not a name. He is the divine Son of Jehovah. Jesus’ name means ‘Jehovah is Salvation', and salvation means to be rescued, delivered or saved.

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Jesus is known by many names: Word of God, Lion of Judah, Rose of Sharon, Holy Lamb of God, Son of Man... and many more! Jesus is more than any title that humanity can give Him… a carpenter, a fisherman, a teacher, a historical figure, a prophet and more. To many, He was born, preached and taught, was a radical who was eventually crucified and died. And that is where it ends for most people, but for the Christian, that is just the beginning because we know Jesus rose again – but that’s for another day.

Joseph and Mary were Jesus’s earthly parents. Many people think Christ is Jesus’s last name, but this is incorrect. Jesus does not have a last name. Christ is a title, and it means “Anointed One.” When we say Jesus Christ, we say Jesus, the Anointed One, in that title is the nature of Jesus as He is not just an Anointed One, but He is The Anointed One of God; there is no other. To be anointed is to be 'set apart' to do a specific purpose.

Jesus existed with God the Father and the Holy Spirit from the beginning of time but was born into humanity some two thousand years ago to save us from ourselves - His specific purpose on earth. This was when He took on physical form; it was not the beginning of His existence.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea under His Father's (God's) protective and watchful gaze. He started His public ministry at thirty, died, and rose again. It was three and a half years from the start of His public ministry to when He ascended into heaven. Not much is written about our Lord up to Him starting His public ministry because God the Father gave Him time to experience life as a human being, understand our struggles, challenges, and emotions, and prepare Him for His journey ahead.

Jesus lived a normal human existence until He performed His first miracle, turning water into wine. He was sent by God the Father down to earth to undo the damage done to humanity by Satan's evil and to provide a way out of the sinful state we found ourselves in. He fulfilled His purpose on earth when He was crucified and rose again after three days and nights. Christ not only brought humanity back into a relationship with God, but He enabled us to continue to evolve into the spiritual beings God intended us to be from the dawn of creation. Further explanation on this topic can be found in; The Best Journey Ever: A Simple Guide Through Christianity by PL Bennett.

Jesus rose from death to birth Salvation and give everyone a chance to receive it by accepting Him as Lord and Saviour. He rose again to free Humanity from sinful bondage. Christianity was birthed, the church came into being, and humanity was free from sinful bondage. Jesus is the only Son of the Living God, so don’t be afraid to declare it.

Recommended Reading:

Any of the four Gospels in the New Testament:

Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, will teach you about Jesus.

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