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Pentecost A New Dawn

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Pentecost A New Dawn
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The day of Pentecost was the dawn of the Christian age and signified the arrival of God The Holy Spirit in the earth empowering mankind to find its’ purpose and fulfil its’ destiny.  Pentecost: A New Dawn is an exhilarating look at mankind’s legacy, and how it is being fulfilled today.


The message of Jesus Christ has not changed.  Many have tried to reject it, distort its’ meaning and tried to silence God, but to no avail.  Preached by men and women alike, from temples to homes, public spaces, church buildings, local centres; via the television, internet, mobile devices; it continues to permeate our lives.  People come and go, structures erected only to crumble when they are replaced by new structures.


Locations and places change, countries and borders, alliances; Governments and leaders rise and fall as their power lasts only for a season.  But the one thing that remains constant is the Word of God, The Gospel, The Good News of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.





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