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Life is a Journey of choices...
My Alabaster Box - A Simple Guide Through the Christian Journey
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Like Mary’s Alabaster Box with the precious ointment which she poured over Jesus to anoint Him, we have packed My Alabaster Box full of precious help, advice support and guidance with little pockets of inspiration for the Christian journey.  My Alabaster Box outlines the origin and foundation of the faith, why there is a need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and how the world came to be in the situation it is in.


It dispels some of the myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings which has penetrated our society becoming firmly intertwined into the Faith.  If you are looking for a basic understanding of Christianity in simple terms, have been silently struggling through the years, have fallen away and are seeking to find a way back or have more questions than answers you will be strengthened by My Alabaster Box with its’ delicate balance between Bible doctrines, teachings and simple guidance.


Learn how to develop and nurture your relationship with God, through prayer, fasting and studying the bible.  My Alabaster Box brings all the elements of the Christian journey together into one overarching summation that can be understood by someone with little or no experience of the Faith.  Guidance is based on scriptural references taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


Learn how to flow in your calling.  Just as a young river springs up, flows quickly over stones and around large rocks, then matures as it runs deep and fast, aging into gentle meanderings as it ebbs and flows, creating lakes, watering the land and joining with other rivers and lakes to avoid becoming dry at the end of the course, but finally making its’ way out into the vast ocean.



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